Timo Gorner
Fox Entertainment Group

We are honored to have Timo Gorner, Director of Organizational Development and Training at Fox Group as one of our General Session speakers and learning leaders.   
Timo Gorner describes himself as a self-taught teacher. With a German accent.

TimoGornerFoxA 17-year veteran with Fox Entertainment Group, his career had quite a few plot twists that ultimately led him into the field of corporate learning and development. Born and raised in Frankfurt, he lived in London, worked all over Europe and Latin America, and is now a Los Angeles resident (who is still amazed by year-round summer temperatures).
Having experienced cultural differences first-hand, and the effects they have on how people learn and grow, Timo has found one common thread all over the world: a yearning for being real. And as simple as that insight may seem, it has a profound impact on the way he sees his role as an internal consultant, facilitator and coach – defining one overarching goal: to enable honest conversations.
A late entry to the learning profession, Timo brings both a business and an international lens through which he looks at this field.

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