Learning 2017 is excited to introduce a high energy set of experiences

called "PITCH! for Learning"


There will be several PITCH! for Learning Sessions at Learning 2017 including:

  • Start Up PITCH! for Learning: You will hear short "elevator pitches" from early stage start ups in the Learning or EdTech area.  Ala Shark Tank, we will explore how these makers of learning "apps", systems or tools might eventually impact workplace learning.
  • Reverse PITCH! for Learning: Three Chief Learning Officers will tell a wide range of learning suppliers and vendors about their wish list for new and disruptive learning innovations and technologies.
  • PITCH! for Learning from Other Fields: We will take a deep look at learning innovations that are working in the K to 12 School Area, in Higher Education, Religion or Hobby Areas.  Let's learn, borrow and "steal" learning ideas from other fields.
  • Gadget & Tech Stretch PITCH! for Learning: What about emerging technology from other worlds - Your Alexa from Amazon, FitBit, VR & Mixed Realities, 3D Printing and other technologies - that might be STRETCHED for Learning in the coming years for workplace learning.

Learning 2017 participants will participate in these PITCH! for Learning Sessions to be energized on the disruptive future.

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