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For the past six years, I have shared an on-going Design Update blog as we have created and produced our annual Learning event in Orlando.

Each week or so, we will share the background on the Design decisions and process, as we focus the themes for Learning 2017, the wide range of Keynoters, the activity and engagement choices and the collective shared design process.

For example, last year, we were asked if we might experiment with a "Learning Escape Room".  So, we reached out to some learning colleagues to help design and produce this at Learning 2016 and some magic happened:

As soon as we announced our plans for a Learning Escape Room, participants shared ideas and their own experiences with adding a more "extreme" experience to a learning activity.  Thanks to this Design Update blog, we were able to engage folks from around the world in the design.

So, check back to the site and you can even ask to receive an email from us or follow us at @learning2017 for updates.



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