Content Map 1.0 :)


Today, we begin the exciting and engaging process of creating and curating the "Content, Themes, Issues, Innovations & Conversations for Learning 2017.

The overall theme for 2017 will be "Learning Changes!"

Based on my on-going dialogues with learning leaders and colleagues around the world, we are clearly living in a time with "Learning Changes".  Changing Learner Expectations, Changing Technology, Changing Workplaces and more.

In the coming weeks, we will develop topics, labs, conversations, controversies and sessions that are fully focused on how Learning Changes in many areas.  Here is our version 1.0 idea map for this year:

We will be building a complete Learning 2017 Agenda and Community Engagement on how Learning Changes in these areas and more.

As you register for Learning 2017, we will reach out for your input, ideas, key challenges and perspectives.

This is the 27th year that I am honored to Host our Learning event.  I invite you to join me in exploring the ways in which Learning Changes! and how we can create the best learning opportunities for our employees and organizations.

Yours in learning.
Elliott Masie

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